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From garden sheds to full-size houses, our expertise and skill will ensure that your Nutec or Wooden Wendy house is delivered on time, and on budget to the quality you expect.

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Traditional or Nutec?

Nutec Wendy houses

Nutec is the perfect material for cladding the outside of Wendy houses with, especially in our harsh climate.

All winter long, its ability to repel water is put to the test, and then all summer its UV resistance comes to the fore.

On top of that its easy to maintain, and pests like rats hate the stuff.

If you are looking to invest in the best then go to our Nutec Wendy house page for more details (just click the link or the image below).

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Wooden Wendy houses

Traditionally Wendy houses have always been clad using pine boards. Its economical, and environmentally friendly, as most of the wood comes from the removal of invader species.

Our recommendation is that you invest in Nutec unless you really want to invest in your Wendy house, however, if you want that traditional look, or are on a tight budget, a properly maintained wooden wendy house will keep you dry for many years.

To learn more about our traditional pine clad Wendy houses click the link or the image below.

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Contact us now and see what we can do for you

We are here waiting to make your project a reality.

Why choose us?


We have a team of dedicated craftsmen who excel in all areas of wooden framed house building.

This results in you getting a Wendy house that is high quality, long lasting, and meets all SABS standards and local building regulations.


We are a well established, professional company who only employ highly professional people.

Our years of experience, attention to detail, and professional mind-set ensure that you get the Wendy house you want at a price you can afford.


We pride ourselves on producing Wendy houses that last in way that is as low impact on your life as possible.

Your Wendy house will be serving you well for years to come- and that is guaranteed.



David Duplessis

I couldn’t have asked for anyone more professional as yourself. The guys working for you was amazing and nothing was too much for them to do. I will refer anyone that has renovations in mind to make use of your excellent service.


Gerber Van Wyk

Thank you for the job well done! And please express our thanks to your team as well, we are very happy with how my Nutec house looks . It was a good first building experience for me and I am very happy that I ended up with you as our builder.


Johan Smith

We are impressed with the work that you done for us. It has made our hearts happy. All the best with your future projects.

Contact us now and see what we can do for you

We are here waiting to make your project a reality.

We do a full service


We have the skilled, and qualied electricians to tackle any job, from a simple light in a shed to fully wiring your new home.

All work is done to meet SABS building standards, and local planning by-laws and is certified by a qualified electrician.


Our team of plumbers are qualified, experienced tradesmen who can handle any job. Whether its a simple toilet, a kitchen tap, or you need a whole new house plumbing in, we do it to SABS standards in compliance with local planning by-laws.


Our skilled decorators can make your new Wendy house a home. From painting the exterior to erecting dry walls and partitions, plastering, and decorating.

We've got you covered.

From a simple shed to a luxury holiday home, and everything inbetween, we are a one-stop-shop for your Wendy house and timber framed home requirements.

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